- The Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative


dc11:contributor rdfs:comment An entity responsible for making contributions to the resource.
dc11:coverage rdfs:comment The spatial or temporal topic of the resource, spatial applicability of the resource, or jurisdiction under which the resource is relevant.
dc11:creator rdfs:comment An entity primarily responsible for making the resource.
dc11:date rdfs:comment A point or period of time associated with an event in the lifecycle of the resource.
dc11:description rdfs:comment An account of the resource.
dc11:format rdfs:comment The file format, physical medium, or dimensions of the resource.
dc11:identifier rdfs:comment An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context.
dc11:language rdfs:comment A language of the resource.
dc11:publisher rdfs:comment An entity responsible for making the resource available.
dc11:relation rdfs:comment A related resource.
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