- Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)


sh: rdfs:comment This vocabulary defines terms used in SHACL, the W3C Shapes Constraint Language.
sh:NodeShape rdfs:comment A node shape is a shape that specifies constraint that need to be met with respect to focus nodes.
sh:PropertyShape rdfs:comment A property shape is a shape that specifies constraints on the values of a focus node for a given property or path.
sh:Shape rdfs:comment A shape is a collection of constraints that may be targeted for certain nodes.
shacl: rdfs:comment This shapes graph can be used to validate SHACL shapes graphs against a subset of the syntax rules.
shacl:ListNodeShape rdfs:comment Defines constraints on what it means for a node to be a node within a well-formed RDF list. Note that this does not check whether the rdf:rest items are also well-formed lists as this would lead to unsupported recursion.
shacl:ListShape rdfs:comment A shape describing well-formed RDF lists. Currently does not check for non-recursion. This could be expressed using SHACL-SPARQL.
shacl:PathShape rdfs:comment A shape that can be used to validate the syntax rules of well-formed SHACL paths.
shacl:ShapeShape rdfs:comment A shape that can be used to validate syntax rules for other shapes.
_:B5f19122f09d3ee64012fe1c0ebaf125d rdfs:comment Each list member (including this node) must be have the shape shsh:ListNodeShape.
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