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Wordnet 3.0 - RDF conversion of Princeton's package:wordnet, version 3.0. By Mark van Assem, Antoine Isaac, Jacco van Ossenbruggen
Covid 19 Ontology - By Johns Hopkins University via https://github.com/pomber/covid19 based on https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19
DBpedia - Global and Unified Access to Knowledge
Dublin Core Ontology - The Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative
Umbel - Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer
Geonames Ontology - Geonames Ontology in geospacial ontology in RDF
BibTex Ontology - Bibliographic information ontology
D2RQ language specification - Accessing Relational Databases as Virtual RDF Graphs
OWL - The OWL 2 Schema vocabulary (OWL 2)
RDF - This is the RDF Schema for the RDF vocabulary terms in the RDF Namespace, defined in RDF 1.1 Concepts.
Void - Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets - The Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (VoID) is an ontology for expressing metadata about RDF datasets.